Crimson Tiers

An EverQuest guild
on Veeshan server


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Guild Membership Application


Section 1: About You and Your Main

Main character's name
Main character's class
Main character's race
Main character's level
How many AA points do you have?
What is your Magelo number? (if you have one)
What is your email address? (required)
How old are you?
What time zone do you live in?
How long have you been playing EverQuest?
How long have you been playing your main?
Who is your sponsor in CT?

What flags and keys does your main have?

Required Zone Access

Elemental Flagging

Manaetic Behemoth
Diaku quest (Access to Plane of Tactics)
Mithanial Marr
Agnarr (Rescue Karana Quest)
Any PoJ trial, Aerin'Dar, and all three HoH trials
HoHb alternate access quest
Rallos Zek
Solusek Ro
Hailing Maelin to go after Rallos Zek (Sol Ro flag access)
Banished Efreeti alternate-access quest

Solusek Ro Mini-bosses


Optional Flags or Keys

Protector of Dresolik
All PoJ Trials (access to Seventh Hammer) Xuzl
PoN Hedge Quest (PoNb access)    
PoI Factory key (Killed Xanamech)

Elemental Gods

Carprin Cycle (Access to Bertox area)
Lever (AD event area) key Coirnav
Saryrn Tower key Fennin Ro
Key to Veeshan's Peak (new) Mystical Arbitor of Earth (PoEb key)
Key to Sleeper's Tomb The Rathe Council
Key Emperor Ssraeshra area Xegony
Key to Vex Thall  
Access to Kod`Taz

What notable skills or abilities do you bring to CT? What key AA's do you have? How would having you as a member benefit the guild?

Does anyone share your account?  If so, please explain.

What previous guilds have you been in? Why did you leave? (Please don't use abbreviations for guild names.)

Why do you want to join Crimson Tiers? How would joining CT improve your game experience?

Section 2: About Your Play Style

Briefly describe your short-term and long-term objectives in the game.

Do you prefer soloing, grouping, small raids (2-4 groups), or large raids (more than four groups), and why?

What alts level 50 or up do you have?  What other characters have you played to level 50 or higher?

Section 3: About the guild rules

Does your character meet CT's stated requirements? Yes    No

Have you read the guild rules?  Yes  No

Please copy and paste the location (URL or address) of the guild rules here:

Do you understand the guild rules and swear (or affirm) to follow them if admitted as an applicant to Crimson Tiers?  Do you further swear (or affirm) to obey your commanding officers?

Yes, I understand the rules and I so swear or affirm to follow them and to obey my officers.
No, I do not understand the rules or decline to take an oath or affirmation.

Section 4: Optional questions

This section allows you to tell us a little bit more about yourself. None of these questions are required.

Do you have any questions regarding our guild, members, policies, or this application?

Is there anything else you wish to tell us?


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