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DKP Policies

How We Use DKP

We are a DKP based guild, but we do focus on the needs of the guild over the personal wants of the members. Loot is awarded by the raid officers based on several factors. DKP is one of the most significant factors we consider when awarding loot, but it is not the only one. This means that sometimes, we will award loot to people who do not have the highest DKP. We expect our members not to be greedy and agree with the decisions of the officers.

How to Earn DKP

We have four general kinds of raids: "trivial", "easy", "medium", and "hard". These are worth 10, 20, 40, and 60 DKP respectively. Raid officers and the guild leader will decide how each raid qualifies -- a raid  may be "medium" now, but next year it would be "easy". A "trivial" raid is our way of rewarding attendance at guild events.

There is a bonus on the first time we raid a target for DKP. This is 50% just for the raid. If we win on that first attempt, there is an additional 50% bonus, making that raid worth double DKP.

Failed raids earn 25% of the DKP the raid would have earned had we won.

Raid attendance is taken when the raid leader calls for buffs. If you're not here then, you're late. You can post on the boards and request late credit for the raid. Latecomers get 50% DKP. If you log in too late for the start of a raid, you may either join the raid for 50% DKP, or skip it and join the next one.

Alts on the same account as the main normally cannot earn DKP or loot, unless the presence of the alt is specifically allowed by the raid leader.  If you play an alt without the permission of the raid leader, you forfeit all DKP for that raid.

Boxed characters (ones you can play at the same time as your main) do not earn DKP. Instead, a small DKP bonus is assigned to the main character. Players may spend their DKP to upgrade a main or a boxed char; either way, it comes from the same DKP pool. It's a player's responsibility to post on the boards if they need a points adjustment -- if they're missing a raid, or if they want a bonus for boxing on raids.

If one player (Player A) boxes or plays another person's character (Player B), the DKP goes to the person who is actually playing (Player A).

Trial members may earn DKP on raids.

Applicants do not earn DKP. They may be awarded rot loot at the discretion of the raid leader or officers.

How to Spend DKP

Most  loot is bid upon. There is a minimum bid equal to the value of the raid. There is also a time limit for bids, and if bids are going slowly, the officer in charge may ask that you speed up bids. Further bidding rules may be announced when loot is to be bid upon.

Trial members can only spend their DKP on loot if no full members bid on that loot.

If no full or trial members wish to bid DKP for an item, that item is considered "rot loot" and may be awarded without DKP cost at the discretion of the raid leader or officers.


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