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Key to Flag Codes

This is the key to the flag codes that you may have seen in the guild manager.  Each grouping is an abbreviation for all the codes to the left of that group.  For example, once you get Aerin'Dar, all three HoH trials, and Lord Mithaniel Marr, your guild tag will read


instead of


which is simply more readable.




Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

All PoJ Trials   7 (This is separate from all other flags)
Any PoJ Trial J     SolRo

(Access to the Tower of Solusek Ro)


(Access to Air, Earth, and Water.)

Full Elemental

(Access to Fire)

Grummus G GCB Cp

(Stands for "Cipher")

Carprin C
Bertox B
Hedge H HTtKS
Terris Thule Tt
Keeper of Sorrows K
Saryrn S
Aerin'Dar Ad Ad[MVR]L Mm

(Mith Marr line complete)

Maidens M
Villagers V
Rydda'Dar R
Lord Mithaneil Marr L
Manaetic Behemoth B BVT  
Vallon Zek V
Tallon Zek T
POS Key K KAg  
Agnarr Ag
Rallos Zek Rz  
Arlyxir A [All] SolRo

(Note that only Sol Ro himself is required for access to Fire.)

Jiva J
Protector of Dresolik P
Rizlona R
Xusl X
Solusek Ro Sr  


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