Crimson Tiers

An EverQuest guild
on Veeshan server


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Guild Goals and Deadlines

Personal Goals Recommended
1) Achieve level 70 on your main. NOW  
  As with level 65, members have to keep up with the guild requirements.
2) Achieve at least 100AA or all key AAs for your class, whichever is greater. NOW  
  We cannot be an effective raid force without solid players, and AA accounts for a lot of that. AA is a good goal, and 100 AA is not unrealistic for a raiding guild. In a good group in BoT or HoH, you can get an AA in 1-2 hours. Getting an average of 1AA per day for 60 days is 60AA, which should get most guild members at the needed spec.
Guild Goals Recommended
1) Gain access to needed zones: Drunder, Fortress of Zek (Tactics), Solusek Ro's Tower, and Temple of Marr (HoHb) February 1, 2005 March 15, 2005
  Note that you can get this either through normal flagging or through the alternate access quests.
2) Achieve Sol Ro chamber access: Arlyxir, Jiva, Protector of Dresolik, Rizlona, and Xuzl, OR Solusek's Key quest (when it's fixed). March 1, 2005 March 15, 2005
  This will allow us to do Solusek Ro himself.
3) Complete easy flags for Elemental access: Agnarr, Saryrn, Lord Mithaniel Marr, Solusek Ro. April 1, 2005 May 1, 2005
  In addition to being the first set of flags for elementals, these targets also drop nice upgrades for everyone.
4) Achieve elemental access: Rallos Zek April 1, 2005 May 1, 2005
  OK, time for the good stuff. =)
5) Achieve Time access: Fennin Ro, Coirnav, Xegony, The Rathe Council June 1, 2005 September 1, 2005

Note that we will frequently raid outside these timeframes purely for loot. For example, Vallon and Tallon drop huge upgrades and are insanely easy to do, so we will likely hit them whenever they are up. However, these are intended as objectives for flagging the guild as a whole.


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