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About the guild:

Crimson Tiers is Veeshan's latest PoP raiding guild.  Thus far, we have killed all mobs leading up to elemental access, including Rallos Zek.  The guild is currently under the leadership of KyrosKrane and his cadre of officers. All of our guild officers are skilled in the arts of guild management and leading raids -- thus, we are a raiding guild. We do our best to keep raids coming while allowing time for our members to do other in-game activities.


Member expectations:

RULE #1: Above all else, no morons, asshats, or drama queens in the guild. Crimson Tiers seeks sensible, mature, and responsible individuals only.

DRAMA is completely outlawed in Crimson Tiers. If members have a problem with each other, or believe something is not fair, they are to immediately come to an officer who will settle the matter. Do NOT go off ranting -- in guild chat especially -- about your problems. Failure to comply with guild rules or officer orders may lead to DKP penalties, loot suspension, and in worse cases, guild removal. Overall we expect people to be mature in whatever they do; all our members help make Crimson Tiers what it is, and whatever you do reflects that.

During non-raid times, members are encouraged to experience, adventure, etc., but we also expect members to pursue personal flags (ones that do not require the assistance of the entire guild). We expect each member to always give 100% performance; to help others; and frankly, not to be stupid. We do not tolerate stupidity or incompetence within the guild; there is simply no place for them within a raiding guild.

All members and guests are expected to act in a mature manner by keeping chat clean enough so that all members feel welcomed and in an environment they enjoy.

Members are expected to be civil to all other players and guilds at all times. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to, zonewide abusive or annoying behavior through shouts and OOC, arguing with other members or players, constantly begging other members or players, talking poorly of other guilds, talking poorly of this guild, or anything which can be considered to overstep the bounds of the "Play Nice Policy" or PnP as outlined by SOE. This specifically includes activities like training, kill-stealing, ninja-looting, camp-jumping, and leap-frogging.

The guild in general should be something to enjoy and a place to have fun, and members should be able to enjoy our raids and guild life, learn from our failures, and succeed again to bask in the glory of our victories.

Members are required to register on both the message boards and on the DKP system. Registration on the message boards must be completed before a guild invite will be extended. By registering here on our forums you are able to stay informed of guild related events such as raids, gatherings, and other guild events.  Members are also expected to read new posts on the message boards regularly to stay informed about the guild's activities.

"Anonymous" is not permitted. Going anon hides your guild tag from others and your location from guild members. Neither is acceptable. By displaying your guild tag, you remain accountable for your actions while amongst other players. If you wish to hide your class or level, you are encouraged to use the "role-play" tag. Consistent violation of this rule is grounds for removal from the guild.


Member requirements:

Members applied to the guild with their main, and they were evaluated based on their main.  Although we welcome you to play your alts during off times, you are required to bring your main to raids unless you clear it ahead of time with the raid leader.  If you are able to box other characters in addition to your main, you may do so as long as it does not compromise your ability to play your main.  If you wish to switch mains, you must discuss the matter with the guild leader.

Members must be at least level 66, and preferably level 70.  Members must have at least 50 AA.  Leveling takes precedence over AA unless you cannot gain any new spells or abilities by leveling.

Members must have an Internet connection that allows them to raid in tight spaces with lots of people.

Members must have all expansions up to and including Dragons of Norrath.

Members must have some way to shrink, invis, and gate if they cannot cast those spells. This is not optional. There are numerous vendor-sold, player-made, or easily quested items that can provide these abilities.


Raid requirements:

These rules are set out so that raids are successful; many times if orders are not followed quickly and correctly, a raid may crumble or wipe.

Crimson Tiers is a casual raiding guild.  Details of what we mean by "casual raiding" can be found in this post on our message boards. We realize that people have real-life obligations, and we expect that all members will look after real-life concerns before any game.  Having said that, we also expect our members to treat Crimson Tiers as a priority when they do go online for EverQuest.

We aim to raid as a guild about half the time.  Standard raid days are Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.  Sundays are epic raid days. We will not host mandatory or DKP-awarding raids on Wednesday or Thursday.  We may also raid on other days should targets of opportunity present themselves.

Members and applicants are expected to be present at guild raids. Progression raids are mandatory if you are online; your guild comes before anything else in the game.  Scheduled epic raids are also mandatory. Non-progression raids may not be mandatory, but you are expected to attend most raids on raid days while you are online.

All members are expected to respect the officers and raid leaders. On raids, officers will give orders that are expected to be carried out immediately and without question. This means you should always be paying attention.  Failure to do so may get you kicked from the raid.  Consistently bad performance may get you removed from the guild entirely.

On raids, raid chat must be kept clear for officers, pullers, and other key raid members to issue orders. Healers should have their own healers' channel, and heal messages should only be sent to that channel. All other chat should be confined to a separate, designated channel.


Attendance requirements:

You must log in to your main at least once per month. The in-game guild manager must show that your main logged in within the last 31 days.

You must attend at least three raids within a 60-day period. In other words, you must earn DKP on three different events within the last 60 days. The amount of the DKP earned doesn't matter; it just matters that you attended a DKP raid.

If you cannot meet these requirements, you must post on the boards explaining why not. You may also PM the guild leader or one of the other officers if it is a private matter.

If you do not meet these requirements and do not post on the boards or contact an officer, you may be removed from the guild without notice. You will be allowed to return within 3 months of the last date you logged on, as per the Leave of Absence rule below. However, you forfeit your existing DKP.

Note that this policy does not apply to alts. Alts do not have to attend raids or log in monthly so long as the main remains in good standing.


Leaves of Absence:

People in EQ have different goals, and those goals can change over time. At CT, we understand this and want you to have the best shot of achieving your goals.

Sometimes those goals cannot be met within CT. For these cases, we will allow one leave of absence from the guild. You may leave the guild for up to three months. When you return, you do not have to re-apply or enter on a trial basis, assuming you are still caught up with guild goals and flagging objectives. However, you do lose your DKP.

If you need to leave for longer than three months, or if you have to leave more than once, you need to reapply as a new member. Mention in your application that you were a former member and explain why you left and what you have been doing in the meantime.


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