Crimson Tiers

An EverQuest guild
on Veeshan server


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How to Apply

Application Procedures:

Crimson Tiers invites all those who meet our requirements and who are able to raid and function within a mature guild manner to apply to our guild.

RULE #1: Above all else, no morons, asshats, or drama queens in the guild. Crimson Tiers seeks sensible, mature, and responsible individuals only.

First of all, you need to read and understand our guild rules and our DKP policies.  In addition, you must meet all the requirements on our requirements page.

You are welcome to contact an officer of Crimson Tiers at any time before, during, or after the application process if you need help or more information.

Stage 1: Applicant

If you are certain you meet our requirements and agree to our rules, fill out an application form. Your application will be checked for basic requirements like level and flags, and if it passes those, it will be posted in our Member Forums for discussion and voting by the members of Crimson Tiers. A sincere veto from any member that can not be worked out will result in an automatic rejection of your application.

You will also be directed to an applicant channel. Applicants are expected to raid with the guild; otherwise we will not be able to see how well and how often you raid. Applicants generally cannot earn loot or DKP.  The application period is usually three days or until you meet all the requirements, whichever is longer.

Stage 2: Trial Member

After we get a sense of who you are, you will be invited to continue raiding within the guild as a Trial Member.  You will receive the guild tag and may take part in most guild activities.

As time passes, we will evaluate how well you will perform in the guild. After a significant period of time, you will be made a full member and given access the the rest of the forums. If your performance was not satisfactory, you may be asked to leave the guild. The time needed to decide may vary from applicant to applicant.  Note that trial members cannot get loot unless all full members decline it.


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