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Welcome to the Crimson Tiers!

The Crimson Tiers is a casual raiding guild, based on the Veeshan server, for EverQuest.  We'd like to welcome you all to our humble home!

Crimson Tiers is Recruiting!

Are you an able raider with a mature personality, a love of challenges, and a desire to progress into the Plane of Time and beyond?  Then join us!  Check out our Applicant Requirements, then find out how to apply!

Crimson Tiers on a Killing Spree!

Yes, I've gotten behind in updating the home page.  And yes, I'm also very sloppy about getting and posting screenshots.  So, here's a smorgasbord of shots from our recent kills, in no particular order.

Agnarr Rallos Zek Rydda`Dar, plus Gnowun giving us a heart attack
Arlyxir Vallon Zek Aerin`Dar, relieved of her agony
Saryrn is mad because... we killed her pet Sorrowsong ... so we sent her to join him in the hereafter.

Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune falls to 16 people!

Crimson Tiers and Immortal Pantheon co-raided the undead snake and removed the "un" from his undead in short order!  Despite an early wipe, we were able to recover and try again.  The second time around, Arch Lich dropped in a stunning 22 minutes, 13 seconds, with nary a single death!  We can't be sure, but we believe 16 people, all pre-time and most pre-elemental, is a Veeshan record on Arch Lich.  (The serverwide record is 12 people, all Time-geared or later.)  Arch Lich parsed out at over 825Khp melee damage, plus extensive DoT damage from necros and shamans.

But enough of that, on to the good stuff!

The death shot and loot list The brave people that pulled this off.

Additional loot included A Glowing Orb of Luclinite to Delomir, Spell: Remove Greater Curse to Jatrill, and several other spells that were passed out.


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