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"Casual raiding guild" and exp days

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"Casual raiding guild" and exp days

A lot of people appear to misunderstand what is meant by "casual raiding guild." I want to explain that in a little more detail to reduce confusion. None of this is a change from our rules; it's just restating what the rules already say.

We are a raid guild. We raid stuff. A lot. Smile Since we are currently focused on PoP progression, we'll be mostly raiding PoP flagging mobs. We'll also raid loot mobs across all expansions.

If you are online when a flagging raid is called, you must attend. This is mandatory. If we call a raid for a non-progression event (like Ssra, for example), attendance isn't mandatory, but all members should make an effort to attend. This is especially true if the raid is called on a scheduled raid day.

On scheduled raid days (currently Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday), we will almost always call a raid, sometimes multiple raids.

On non-raid days (currently Wednesday and Thursday), we will not call mandatory raids. However, we might call other raids, such as raids for epics, loot, or even flags. Attendance to any raid on these days is not mandatory, so it's fine if you prefer to go exp or something.

Sunday is our epic raid days. In cases where we can schedule an epic raid in advance (like with a triggered mob, or most of the events for 1.5 & 2.0 epics), we will normally schedule it on Sunday. Attendance at scheduled epic events is mandatory.

The remaining day (Monday) is not an exp day. It is a "target of opportunity" day. If we find a target and have enough people to take it, we will call a raid. If it's a flagging target, attendance will be mandatory.

You might be wondering where the "casual" part kicks in. The fact is that we're much more relaxed than traditional raiding guilds. In a hardcore raiding guild, you would raid a minimum of six hours a day, six days a week to remain a member. All raids are mandatory. You get your exp or quests in on your own time, over and above the raiding time you commit to the guild.

We do not have a minimum raid attendance percentage, but we do require members to attend at least three raids every 60 days. Note that we have at least twelve days a month where we will host a raid, and maybe as many as 20. If you cannot log on long enough to raid at least twice a month, then you have to ask yourself whether you belong in a raiding guild.

I hope this clarifies what we mean by a "casual raiding guild."
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