Crimson Tiers

An EverQuest guild
on Veeshan server


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Application Requirements

General Requirements

To apply to Crimson Tiers

  • You must be guildless at the time of applying to Crimson Tiers and remain so until you are accepted or declined. If you apply to or join another guild, your application to Crimson Tiers will be considered withdrawn.
  • You need all expansions up to and including Dragons of Norrath.
  • You need a computer and an Internet connection that allows you to raid in tight spaces with lots of people. If you constantly lag out or go LD, you will not be useful to us on a raid.
  • You will need a way to shrink if you are a large race. Anizok's Minimizing Device is recommended if you need a general item.
  • If you cannot invis yourself, you need invis potions, right click invis etc. (Potions are sold in many places for about 11pp each. Always carry at least two charges of invis on you if you can't cast it.)
  • If you cannot use the Gate spell, you must have some method of escape from raid zones. 10-dose Gate potions are commonly sold in the bazaar for around 3,000pp each. Thurgadin gate potions (Vial of Velium Vapors) can be made very cheaply and only require moderate pottery skill. Finally, there are a number of items that cast gate or teleportation effects.

The following items will make your application much more likely to succeed. List them on your application if they apply.

  • You will need an Enduring Breath item (Enduring Breath from tribute is fine too).
  • You will need an instant right-clickable buff item that can be used indoors.
  • You should be level 70 with at least 100AA.
  • You should have additional flags in PoP or GoD progression.

To become a trial member

  • 40 AA's minimum, including any class specific AA's listed below
  • Level 66 or higher
  • Access to the Plane of Tactics (Diaku quest, bypass quest, or Behemoth flag)
  • Access to the Tower of Solusek Ro (either by flags or the one-group quest)

To become a full member

  • 50 AA's minimum, including any class specific AA's listed below
  • Level 66 or higher
  • You must have any PoJ trial
  • Access to the Temple of Marr (HoHb) (either by flags or the one-group quest)


Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis; you need to explain your circumstances in the application if you do not meet these requirements.

We may accept you as a trial member if you do not meet the requirements, but you cannot become a full member until you reach the minimums listed.

Class-specific Requirements:

None at this time

Upcoming Requirements:

Check the Guild Goals and Deadlines page for information on what your expected progression will be after applying.  Also check the Class Goals page for information on what AA, spells, and items will be expected of you.


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